Bembeya Music Incorporated


BEMBEYA MUSIC INCORPORATED ceased operating at the end of 2017, and was formally de-registered on November 30 2018.

This website will be removed in July 2019, but is maintained currently for information purposes.


Bembeya Music is devoted to the advancement of African music in Australia. We adopt and extend the approach of the great Guinean orchestra Bembeya Jazz National: the adaptation of traditional and classical African music to modern instruments, sensibilities, and techniques.

African music has been available to Australian audiences now for more than a generation but very little has transpired in the way of any real success within the progressive cultural movement.

Artists have struggled to make a living or gain any recognition for their work above and beyond the usual scene. We want to showcase local artists and help them achieve their goals by funding arts projects that will elevate their career potential.

We hope to facilitate new collaborations and innovations amongst the Afro-centric musical community of Australia.

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